Shirts, Ties & Pocket Squares

Happy is a man who has found his own true style. However, amongst all the sunshine of satisfaction, clouds of doubt can easily creep in. Suits are one thing, but what about selecting the right shirt, tie and pocket square to complement your look?

Fortunately, there is a tried and tested method you can apply to these occasionally tricky selections. Firstly, these three do not have to match (think hideous high street shirt, tie and pocket square sets). This approach makes for a dull look and is a truly lazy option. Introducing attractive colour, pattern and texture differences are the main benefits these three items can bring.


Secondly, there is nothing wrong with wearing a pocket square that bears no direct relation to either your shirt or tie, as long as it doesn’t clash. For example, wearing a blue gingham shirt with a plain navy tie does not require a blue pocket square. Orange, mustard, pink and green all work well with blue. The more conservative your tie and shirt colour, the wider the colour spectrum you can consider to complement them.

Thirdly, too much in the way of riotous pattern mixing can be hazardous, but you should also avoid the temptation to pattern-match all items in the trinity. Checked shirts work best with plain or subtly patterned ties.

The diagram below is a simple illustration of this guidance; if sporting a patterned shirt and tie, the pocket square should be plain. You can replace any item with the other in this pyramid and the approach still applies; i.e. when tie and pocket square are both patterned, the shirt should be plain and, of course, when shirt and pocket square are both patterned, the tie should be plain.


Finally, if all else fails, you can always rely on a high quality white cotton or, ideally, linen pocket square. Either folded or stuffed, they are remarkably versatile and a true friend in times of sartorial panic.

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