Royal Ascot - An Introduction

Royal Ascot has been an annual occurrence in Britain since 1711, when it was originally known as East Cote and was founded by Queen Anne. So even if you’ve never attended this world famous horseracing event, you’ve probably heard of it.

Named after the small town in Berkshire, where it is located, Ascot racecourse covers 179 acres and holds events throughout the year, but only when the Queen attends is the meet referred to as Royal Ascot.

Typically held in mind June, and lasting for five days, this most famous of its meetings attracts millions of visitors. There are 30 races in total throughout the five days, which are broadcast in over 200 countries. Known for its atmosphere of excess and luxury, visitors consume 51,000 bottles of champagne, 1000kg of clotted cream, 50,000 macaroons, 131,000 pints of beer and 42,000 bottles of wine.


Whether you are there for the sports or the pageantry, Royal Ascot caters for punters across the board, with four specific areas to house attendees: the Queen Anne Enclosure, the Windsor Enclosure, the Royal Enclosure and the new Village Enclosure, each having their own individual atmosphere and dress codes.

Whatever your reason for attending Royal Ascot, there’s no denying it is a fantastically sartorial experience, as even more than the races themselves it’s the fashion that attracts the majority of press attention. With Yardsmen on hand to guide you through every step of what to wear you can put dress code stresses aside, relax and concentrate on the frivolities.

Our full Ascot service includes a Yardsmen morning coat, trousers and waistcoat at a special rate, giving you quality garments and peace of mind as standard. For more information, pop in and see us in Waterloo, give us a call or drop us an email.

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