Groom's Attire

Men, if left to our own devices, we would no doubt organise far simpler weddings than our future wives (and mother in laws) would allow. Any of you that have been there and done it will know that us blokes only really show interest in the parts of the day that are either fun or just plain easy.

Wine tasting, menu discussions and music are far more appealing than floral arrangements and bridesmaids dresses (no offence ladies). However, the one area that is uniquely male, is choosing what you, the groom, and the rest of your groom party will wear.


But where to start? Morning suits are a traditional choice that lend gravitas to the big occasion, whether held in a stately home or village church. Consideration to the day and the type of wedding is paramount though when thinking about what to wear.

At less formal events, dinner suits (or tuxedos as they are known to our American friends) have become a more popular option. However, there’s always the well cut, plain suit option, properly accessorised with due care and consideration. Perfect for any style and theme of wedding whilst still enabling the groom to stand out from the crowd.

light-grey-lounge-suit   french-blue-lounge-suit

Let’s face it, the bride makes every effort to look amazing for her walk down the aisle and these days, the groom is spending more time and effort in achieving something closer to the same. With Yardsmen garments being tailored to Savile Row standards, hiring an impeccable suit has never been so appealing or affordable, making sure the groom look as sharp as a pin on what should be one of the most important days of his life!

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